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 Almost Done- Releasing link to the public officially by Sunday!

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Ha ha I get a personalized rank and you don't!!!

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PostSubject: Almost Done- Releasing link to the public officially by Sunday!   Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:48 pm

I'm almost done and by Sunday I will hopefully have this lovely link out in a couple of different forums! So far it's only in my signature in the CPPlace forums as a link.

So for all you people who join before Sunday, March 30 will get something special. A rank, most likely. Smile

Anyways, I'm almost done. I still have not been thinking about the header so it isn't very good at the moment. I've figured out the forum icons, hope you like them as snowflakes!!

I will be choosing moderators after we get a couple of users, 20+ hopefully. After a while longer I will go to choose the head moderator, who gets special priviledges and a special rank! :shock: Also, I'll probably choose some moderators for the chatbox only. Probably not that many. And I will do this on Sunday, when the site is officially released, so you don't have to wait for 20 users. This will also help me pick forum moderators. The Head Moderator will also be the Head Chatbox Moderator, I'll see what you get for that.

I was also thinking of changing the smilies but I decided not to. But I will be adding my moderator smiley soon, as each moderator and administrator gets one. ;)
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Almost Done- Releasing link to the public officially by Sunday!
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