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 Banner Contest!

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Ha ha I get a personalized rank and you don't!!!

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PostSubject: Banner Contest!   Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:30 pm

Make a banner for the top of this forum.

1. Banner must have "Snow Day" on it
2. Banner must have a subtitle "The place you can always hang out and relax!" on it.
3. Banner must match the theme with darkish blue and white text.
4. Must have atleast one good image on it.

First Place Winner
Banner will be used.
5000 credits
Username Change pass, worth 3 username changes
Rank Change Pass, worth one rank change w/ image.

Second Place Winner
Banner may be used or scaled down for sig. or avatar.
3000 credits
Username Change pass, worth 2 username changes

Third Place Winner
Banner may be shown off to users.
1000 credits
Username Change pass, worth 1 username change.

Have fun!



:O A random number 1 through 10- can you guess before opening the spoiler? {Will always be the same}

I know who you are, Guest.
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Banner Contest!
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