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 The Rules of this Place

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PostSubject: The Rules of this Place   Fri Mar 28, 2008 11:31 am

Okay, buds, warm yourself up by the fire and get ready for some story tellin'! I mean... rule tellin'. Ya better follow them because we don't want you to get frostbite and have to leave this fun park o' snow!

As long as you're here, please follow these rules and have a sweet time!

1. Don't spam.
Spamming= Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Message. Why would you want to post something that is stupid? Pointless? Annoying? Really there is no point in being pointless and annoying and stupid! So if you think your post is meaningless, why post it?

2. Don't advertise
We don't want you taking the community for granted and just posting about your forum. You can advertise anything but your forums or your chatboxes. You can advertise a site with a forum and a chatbox, but you cannot point them out and you must make the link lead to your homepage. If you wish to get users on your forum by advertisment, use your signature or avatar to show the site off. Put the site in your profile. Become a partner!! Just don't post it.

3. No asking to be part of the staff.
If the administrators agree in bringing a person into the staff, they will be part of the staff. If you ask, that means you are sort of greedy for it and you will not be part of the staff! EVER!!! You'll have that asking permanently on your forum record.

4. No flaming.
Flaming is starting big fights. If you see someone flaming report them and do not get started in it! If you have an opinion about it just put it in the report. We will deal with it. Do not start a flame war or you will get in big trouble. If you were involved in it, then you will also get slightly in trouble, escpecially if you are not the "victim" of it!

5. No posting innapropriate videos, links, pictures, etc.
This is a place for anyone of any age and we don't want you to ruin it for them. Don't post that stuff or any site that has that on it.

6. No discussion about hacking or hacking!
Don't talk about hacking, hackers, etc. You aren't supposed to be cheating on games and it's not the best thing to do. Don't hack this site either. That means the admins or mods or users. If you are banned, you are banned. You should know what you did and if you think it is unfair e-mail an administrator.

7. Don't claim artwork your own if it isn't
It's called copying. It's called plagerism. It's not good. It's theft. So, why would we let you do it?

8. No pretending you are someone you are not!
We don't want to know that you're a staff member when you're not. There's no such thing as undercover. And if there was, why would you give away your identity? We doubt you're a celebrity, either!

9. Do not double post.
If you have something to say but you were the last person to post, just edit your post! If you need to say something important in a thread but it's on the last page and you were the last person to post then you can double post. *some forums have acceptions to this rule*

10. Don't bump!!
Please don't bump. Bumping threads is posting in threads on the very last page with the last reply from a month or so ago. You can only bump threads if you have something important to say or something to add that is useful. *some forums have acceptions to this rule*

11. Don't make a thread to 1 person only!
If you want to tell someone something don't post a thread to them. Private message them, e-mail them, IM them, whatever!

12. No abusing PMs
Don't spam, advertise, or break any of the rules with PMs. If someone does, please report them ad they will have their private message ability taken away for a while. If a lot of people are abusing the system, it will disappear completely!!

13. Don't post for quantity.
You're posts should have quality, not quantity! If you brag or complain about your post count, it's going down to zero.

14. Speaking of quality...
If you want to keep your post filled with quality, as said in rule 13, you have to post something other than a "yes", "no", "duh", ":)", or anything else like that! So the amount of characters must be 5 or more! You can do that, it's not a lot. No one word posts, either. Spaces are not included. Emoticons do not count as any characters at all. Neither do text emoticons (emoticons that have no picture and are just writing).

15. One account!
There are no back-up accounts on here, so don't make one! Unless you are an admin with a test account, don't make others. If you're banned, you're banned. Don't make another account, please.

16. No posting in all caps.
We can't read minds. IF YOU POST LIKE THIS it may seem you are really angry and it can get annoying. If you are yelling, just calm down. If you say, "Oh whoops, I had caps lock on!" you're in more trouble!

17. Post in the correct place.
There's no need for a "rate my newly made signature" thread in the Posting Games forum!

18. Don't give out Personal Information
Don't give out personal information such as: your last name, your address or town, your school, your telephone number, etc. Don't ask anyone for it, either!
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The Rules of this Place
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